Turkish Locks Manufacturers and Suppliers

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s doors, steel doors, interior doors, exterior doors, steel interior doors, steel exterior doors, fire exit doors, exit doors, fire doors, wrought iron doors, exterior door, steel exterior door, hospital door, hotel door, cooker, oven, chimney hood, midi oven, mini oven, gas heater, heater, lpg gas heater, built-in oven, naturel gas heater, freestanding oven, range hood, tabletop cooker, countertop cooker, electric heater, quartz heater, radiant gas heater, infrarred gas heater, 90x60 freestanding oven, 60x60 freestanding oven, 50x60 freestanding oven, 50x50 freestanding oven, 90cm built-in oven, 60cm built-in oven, 60cm built-in hobs, 90cm built-in hobs, 60cm chimney hoods, 90cm chimney hoods, electric built-in oven, gas built-in oven, extendable table, table, chairs, rattan swings, garden table chairs, shoe cabinets
KAYRA METAL ANONIM SIRKETI        Türkiye     Kerem YILMAZ    
s aluminium profiles, cable trunking, furniture profiles, handrail profiles, guardrail profiles, awning profiles, facade cladding profiles, window blind profiles, coffee table profiles, display stand profiles, glass balcony profiles, composite sheet profiles, carpet profiles, standard profiles, sliding system profiles, mosquito net profiles, windowsill profiles, profiles for windowsills, aluminium furniture profiles, aluminium window profiles, aluminium window blind profiles, door locks, handrail accessories, window systems, door systems, door lock, bearings, locks, aluminium door profiles, window locks, window handles, door profiles, door handles, hinges, aluminium handrail profiles, interior door systems, facade systems, sliding systems, office partition systems, door hardware, sliding door handles, office partitions, stainless door handles, sliding hardware, window hardware, door control systems, door sliding systems, photocell door profiles, aluminium profiles for photocell door, aluminium guardrail profiles, window sliding systems, door bearing, transparent facade accessories, cable raceway
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AGK DIS TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Altan GÜVENÇ    
s electrical supplies, hardwares, concrete elements, kitchen doors, doors, wooden products, construction materials, building materials, paint brushes, nails, screws, plaster supplies, silicons, drill bits, insulation materials, locks, step ladders, ladders, panel led luminaires, led luminaires, led bulbs, garden fixtures, switches, sockets, group sockets, hardware, nail, door, building material, drill bit, ladder, led bulb, wooden product, screw, kitchen door, lock, switch, insulation material, socket, silicon, construction material, led luminaire, paint brush, kitchen doors, electrical supply, step ladder, group socket, concrete element, plaster supply, panel led luminaire, garden fixture
REAL KILIT        Türkiye     Zafer CENGİZ    
s lock, locks
AY KILIT IMALAT PAZARLAMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Murat KIRAY    
s hardwares, ironmongeries, locks, padlocks, bolts for locks, screws locks, bolt components for locks, pvc handle components, pvc sliding wheels, pvc handle hubs, hot press print for handles, various parts for furniture, various parts for automat, machining services, door handles, sleeves for locks, couplings for locks, bushes for locks, aircon transfer components, pvc joinery sliding handles, pvc joinery, pvc joinery lock sets, pvc joinery door handles, door handle profiles, press hot forming, coupling, screw, lock, bolt, door handle, ball valves, sleeve, screws for locks, press cold forming, button holders, ball valve, bolt components for lock, bolts for lock, button holder, hot press print for handle, lock part, padlock, screws for lock
AKAL ITHALAT LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Akın ÇIĞIRGİL    
s pvc, plastic, cabinet, storage, wall coverage, lambri, profile, accessories, bath, boiler, kitchen, vitrify, pipe, ppr, ceiling, coating, panels, steel, door, interior, sanitary wares, ceramics, bath tube, hydro massage, locks, handles, steel doors, wooden doors, textile, home, furniture pvc multi-purpose storage, pvc multi-purpose storages, storage, storages, pvc storage, pvc storages pvc, plastic, cabinet, wall coverage, lambri, profile, accessories, bath, boiler, kitchen, vitrify, pipe, ppr, ceiling, coating, door, sanitary, interior door, doors, steel door, lock, locks, panels, handles, pvc, pvc multi purpose storage, pvc multi purpose storages, pvc storages, steel pvc
LKCAK LOCKS KEYS CYLINDER AUTO KEYS        Türkiye     Baris Merttepe    
s locks, keys, cylinder, auto keys case, high security lock cylinder
DURA DIS TICARET LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Erhan SAKARYA    
s aluminium press, aluminium profile, aluminium window accessories, balustrade accessories, building materials, door hanle, window handle, double glass fittings, drill bits, espagnolette, fly screen accessories, grille, hinges, insect screening system, insulation materials, locks, plastic grille, plastic products, plissefly screen, pvc, pvc wainscot profiles, rebated sliding, roller, screw, shutter, shutter accessories, sliding, transom, wainscot, zinc response of espagnolette, aluminium, aluminum, aluminium press, aluminium window accessories, balustrade accessories, double glass fittings, fly screen accessories, grille, insect screening system, plastic grille, plissefly screen, pvc wainscot profiles, rebated sliding, transom, zinc response of espagnolette
HOKK KILIT SAN.VE TIC.A.S.        Türkiye         
s lock, locks
DOGAN KILIT VE MADENI ESYA A.S.        Türkiye     Semih Saridje    
s lock, locks, door locks, cylinders, hardware, aluminium locks, door handles, door cylinder, safety mortise lock, mortise lock, external door lock, door rim lock, rim lock, interior mortise lock, steel door lock, exit door lock
MURATOGLU KILIT SITESI SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s locks, lock systems
s air conditioning, airport cover, auto spare parts, automotive, blinds, cranksets, curtains, glass lower, hinge, locks, spare parts
DOMUS SA        Afghanistan     Dimitrios Spiliopoulos    
s aluminium accessories, windows, doors, locks, handles, cremon
DOMUS SA        Yunanistan     Dimitrios Spiliopoulos    
s locks, aluminium accessories, doors, windows, kilit
UNSAL MAKINA A.S.        Türkiye     Doğan ÜNSAL    
s pulleys, bushing pulleys, tapered bushes, horoscope, v pulleys, poly v pulleys, trigger pulleys, star couplings, couplings, footed couplings, elastic couplings, conical locks, locks, pulley, bushing pulley, conical bush, sign, v pulley, poly in the casket, trigger pulley, star coupler, coupling, footed coupling, elastic coupling, conical lock, lock
AL NALBURIYE TIC. SAN. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Erhan YILMAZ    
s hardwares, latches, locks, hinges, piping materials, sanitarywares, screws, bolts, cutting machines, ceramic cutting machines, tile cutting machines, construction chemicals, concrete machines, construction machines, door handles, electric hand tools, non-electric hand tools, hand tools, faucets, furniture accessories, kitchen accessories, gardening tools, hobby tools, grinding wheels, liftin machines, aspirator, tapes, measurement tools, electrodes, welding machines, generator, construction materials, stairs, wheelbarrow, lock, plastic pipe, accessory fixtures, work shoes, suitcase, helme, welding machines, pipes, plastic pipes, nails, candlesticks, toilet seat covers, pprc pipes, masks, silicones, chandeliers, home decoration products, drawers, adhesives, security cameras, heating products, water pumps, cooling products, conveying machines, water motors, foams, safe boxes, roll adhesives, pprc welding machines, conditioning products, earbuds
s window hardwares, door hardwares, door locks, hinges, door hinges, window hinges, mortise locks, locks, handles, window handles, door handles, balustrades, aluminum balustrades, balustrade systems, fly screen systems, screws, cylinders, profiles, panels, door panels, window panels, door profiles, window profiles, window hardware, door hardware, door lock, hinge, door hinge, window hinge, mortise lock, lock, handle, window handle, door handle, balustrade, aluminum balustrade, balustrade system, window panel, screw, profile, door panel, cylinder, panel, window profile, door profile, fly screen system
GLOBAL CELIK A.S.        Türkiye     SİNAN EMRE ALAGOZ    
s steel rope, polyester slings, auto load band, rope varieties, chains, locks, tensioning equipment, clamps, avalanche, domestic hooks, curved hook chain, chrome steel, chain slings, tables, flooring, chrome rope attachments, lifting equipment, connection equipment, steel wire rope, rope, connection equipments, able lifting equipments, vital lifting equipment, stretching equipment, stretches, steel wire rope slings, hooks, curved hooks, chrome steel rope, chrome steel chains, chain slingshot, steel ropes, steel wire ropes, polyester sling, auto load bands, ropes, chain, able lifting equipment, vital lifting equipments, stretching equip, lock, hook, connection equipments, stretch, stretches, stretching equipments, steel wire rope sling, domestic hook, curved hook, chrome steel ropes, chrome steel chain, chrome rope attachment, chain slingshots
CAMLI PVC BOYA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     SERKAN ÇAMLI    
s aluminium, aluminum, accordion doors, aluminum profiles, aluminum window handles, american doors, american glazed doors, angles, auxiliary profiles, balcony doors, barbs, barrel, bathroom accessories, building window systems, building windows, ceramic facade profiles with clips, detail profiles, door, door accessories, door and window systems, door handles, door lock provisions, door profiles, door systems, doors, double opening, double wing, double wings, dropper profiles, electrostatic painted, aluminum accessories, window, pvc profiles, pvc accessories, profiles, construction materials, wooden doors, shower trays, windows, window systems, shutter systems, blinds, lock, mosquito nets, locks, pvc windows, hardware products, shutters, panels, laminate doors, windowsill, corners, shower cabin profiles, window profiles, pistols, handles, pvc door and window systems, pvc door systems, pvc window system, window accessories, window handles, pvc window systems, sliding doors, pvc doors, hinges, polycarbonate sheets, shower bases, window system, pvc door profiles, pvc window profiles, lacquered doors, plastic accessories, glazed doors, espagnolettes, furniture doors, solid doors, pvc, plastic grilles, pvc moldings, melamine doors, swatter, tubs, plastic window handles, pvc lamella, window and door systems, strips, parallel sliding, mullion connector, pvc sliding systems, sill profiles, locked espagnolette, threshold profiles, grillage shelf profiles, wing profiles, building window, fly screen systems, lamine windows, single opening, recessed lock, pvc lambriler, pvc angles, sun breaker profiles, home window windows, espagnolette counterparts, electrostatic painted door handles, roller shutter systems, roller shutter motors, massive glass, driving systems, pull-open driving systems, transom window, single expansions, transom on, pvc windowsill, pvc aluminum, headweather profiles, clad ceramic facade profiles, composite sheets, wainscot window, pvc building windows, case profiles, drop wing profiles, latch cotter